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La Sicilia è un luogo da mille volti, ma esiste anche una Sicilia che consideriamo nostra. Si compone di strade, colori e odori dispersi nell’aria.


The first gesture I learned while making wine was to accept. Accept the diversity of soils, the inclination of the land, the altitude, and the originality of a vineyard. Accepting means respecting. Respect the earth and its balance. Respecting the vineyard with the wise gestures of sensitive agriculture. Respect the fermentations thanks to the contribution of indigenous yeasts. Respect the wine as if it were a person. A person who brings with him a world, a story, a soul that knows the land from which he was born. The wine I like to make is not simply an organic wine. It is a coherent wine, natural in its becoming. A wine that comes from the sensitivity for real things, from careful gestures, from listening and from love. A wine that, in its harmonies and harshness, tells of the land where it was born and also of those who made it. This is why I am convinced that natural wine, as well as a good wine, is also a human wine. I don't like labeling the wines we make according to methods. We work in Biodynamics in the countryside and naturally accompany the wines as they develop in the cellar. And a wine born from the constant love of those who made it. Born from respect for the land and the vineyard. A respectful wine is born from a respected land: respectful of its uniqueness and of those who will drink it because it is a healthy, sincere wine.

The profession of winemaker has enveloped my whole life. Today I maintain the same desire as always to make wine and thanks to this wine to make this territory known. Luckily over time I was able to embrace other people I tried to train.
I understood, working in these places, that it couldn't all be reduced to my individual experience. Today the agricultural project brings with it many other ethical, social, agricultural and territorial meanings. Far from what is commonly found at these latitudes.
I like to think that this project supports a fundamental part of our agriculture, without which wine would not be the same, a call that I cannot fail to hear, lands otherwise forgotten by few attentive hands, small plots that perhaps would no longer exist because they are unsustainable if taken individually.
We are wine but we are also biodiversity, we are agriculture and the demonstration that you can believe in dreams even in less simple places. And we are people who confront each other every day and somehow, fascinated by the world around us, we continue to build our ongoing project step by step.