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Vittoria, the wine, the vineyard, the dry stone walls. This is my land. The sun rising, early in the morning, on the Iblei Mountains, while the sky blushes in layers and the warm light spreads among the rows of pits in Lupo, my district. I love the grapes of these places, Frappato and Nero d'Avola. I find myself in their expression, in their being harmonious and unequal. I adore the strength of knowing how to carry a past and a future inside at the same time.

Contrada Wines

Our work in the vineyard is an inexhaustible source of observation. In particular, in recent years, I have focused on these splendid varieties which are Frappato di Vittoria and Nero d'Avola, but also on the soils and the potential of the districts of Vittoria and their influences on the wines. I realized that the vineyards work on this play of sand and limestone, which in wines is fruit and silkiness on the one hand, as well as acidity and energy
on the other and I tried to preserve these elements in winemaking, supporting each vineyard. This continuous research helped me identify four vineyards for the SP68 between Santa Teresa, Bastonaca, Spedalotto and Bombolieri, two vineyards for IL FRAPPATO, Bastonaca and Fossa of Wolf; and two for SICCAGNO, Bombolieri and Fossa di Lupo. The same research then stimulated me to go further by thinking of a vineyard and a wine. Or rather four.