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“A place where the earth, which turns red in the evening and is combed by the wind that arrives from the Iblei, leans on one side of a road: the SP68.” It all started eighteen years ago in Fossa di Lupo.
A magical place where the earth, which turns red in the evening…


Vittoria, the wine, the vineyard, the dry stone walls. This is my land. The sun rising, early in the morning, on the Iblei Mountains, while the sky blushes in layers and the warm light spreads among the rows…


The life of every Sicilian is linked in one way or another to oil.

Vegetable garden&food storage

Biodiversity is the central theme of our farm. Helping to maintain this balance between plants, animals, small organisms and all of Nature is our goal. We feel we are guardians of this place in the south of Sicily, among its red sands, limestone and dry stone walls. Lands that watch…