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The life of every Sicilian is linked in one way or another to oil. Ours goes back over the years, for a family tradition, whose production of Nocellara del Belice dates back to 1600. Mine in particular has, in the races among the ancient olive trees, in the knees scraped from the multiple falls and in the shining eyes for the bitter olives in the mouth, the most beautiful memories, where the harvest represented a meeting of celebration and stories, of many families in the same beam, where we children

we played carefree eating bread and freshly milled oil, which stinged a lot, but was unique and is still unique today, green, golden, fragrant. Luckily all this is repeated again, certainly with the same desire to joke, the same light-heartedness and joy of the past. In addition to the old properties in Castelvetrano, we have acquired centuries-old olive groves in Tonda Iblea, in Contrada Piraino in Chiaramonte Gulfi. From these trees derive our monocultivars, Pantarei and Gheta.