"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow It from our children." I love this phrase by Saint-Exupery. He has always guided me in my work as winemaker. In fact, my starting point is always the idea that the earth is only a gift. I must leave it for those who come after me healthy, nursed, loved. I like that quote because it binds into what I actually am, to my way of working and at the same time it launches me into the future.

We do not inherit the
land from our ancestors;
we borrow It from our

Season after season, the earth talks to me, listens to me, answers me. Ours is a silent and authentic dialogue. That's why I do not have a "formula", but only some ideas that come from my experience. First of all, I believe in a respectful relationship with the land: a direct contact that turns into profound knowing. I think there is a balance, the one of nature, that has to be respected in every gesture: from cultivation and pruning - that has to be tidy, clean- to the processing of the fruit. Balance that can be summarized in the following words: from a good grape comes a good wine. Yes, in some ways my wine can be considered organic. I prefer to till the land by hand and I only use organically grown grapes, without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical or synthetic fertilizers. I consider a wealth the wild plants which grow in the vineyard and help the soil to oxygenate and feed itself. So I use the green manure: I plant field broad beans or oat grasses in the vineyard soil and then I overturn them in spring. In the vineyard I try to respect the surrounding plants which I consider to be a resource. Maintaining biodiversity, not disturbing the natural balance of things. I like to keep the old clones of these grapes, the mass selection and the grafting in the field. In this way the vineyard is tougher, stronger and carries within it the plot of a past and the strength for the future. Even harvesting is made by hand. The grapes are first selected in the vineyard and then in the cellar; this is the only way which allows me to choose the best, healthier and more mature bunches of grapes. If the care of the vineyard is carefully done, the passage into the cellar becomes more simple and it requires less interventions. Healthy grapes, spontaneous fermentation, yeasts, very low in sulphur.

And then the tasting. Tasting in and outside the cellar makes me know even better the wines, to reflect on the year and think about the next vintage. I do not like to label wines which we do according to methods. Mine is definitely a natural wine, but first of all it is a territory wine. Born from the respect of the land and the vineyard. From a respected soil comes a respectful wine : respectful of its uniqueness and of those who will drink it because it is a healthy and sincere wine, that is not bad for one's health. But it is also a good wine. Born from constant love of who did it

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